Our services are organized around key skill-based practices among top-tier financial service firms such as VM Lists, Staff Augmentation, Business Applications, Infrastructure, Web Development, IT Strategy and Management. Not only has this enabled us to attract some of the industry’s best talent and effectively leverage their knowledge and experience – it has also allowed us to build quality in these specific areas.

Documentation & Compliance Readiness

Procedures describe the processes used to meet the requirements of the institution’s policies and standards Procedures establish accountability and responsibility, provide specific controls for risk management policy guidance, define expectations for work processes and products, and serve as training tools

ESP has extensive experience developing policies, procedures and workflows within the financial services industry. Our expertise covers front office, back office, risk and compliance, IT and data center documentation. We align with industry best practices in determining the type and level of documentation needed to meet our clients’ objectives while adhering to current regulatory requirements, e.g. FFIEC. When we complete the assignment, we leave our client with a roadmap for continued review, updates and communication.

Project Management Office Services

In addition to significantly enhancing the current PMO Assessment product, and improving the Organization and Program PMO Initiation and Implementation offerings, the Enterprise PMO Service focuses on increasing the probability of project success by building consistent enterprise-wide processes that:

  • Provide management with transparent visibility into project execution and objectively measure performance to manage risk and provide predictability
  • Deliver actionable recommendations so that management can effectively steer projects and make corrections proactively
  • Enable better project management


Operational Risk Management

Financial organizations continue to evaluate and manage a broad range of complex risks across large global environments including compliance, PPM, staff, IT, environmental and various other facets of business. Risk Management is a fundamental process in financial services aimed at lowering the chance of future events having an impact on the company. Alignment to industry best practices and standards (such as Basel II) calls for continuous improvements in the way business is done relative to operations; as an organization ESP focuses on reducing our client’s risk exposure, improving decision-making and creating opportunities.

Solution Delivery Services & Global Sourcing

Solution Delivery is a broad service category that involves the design, development, integration and implementation of all financial application and/or business intelligence components needed for a fully operational solution. ESP has extensive experience with all asset classes including equities, equity derivatives, FX, interest rate derivatives and commodities. We also provide solutions across the full trade life cycle: trade capture, processing, credit risk, confirmations, collateral management / counterparty exposure and settlements.