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Our Business Services

ESP makes it possible for clients to create an environment where their customer truly is the nucleus around which the firm operates. Our pragmatic approach adapts to changing requirements and ensures that business & technology partners are equally clear on their role in delivery.

Business Product Platform

We establish a true Product Management function that describes resources and technical & data assets across the organization in terms of the groups involved in prioritized Product Deliveries and Value Streams.

Role-Based Training

We show Product Owners, Product Managers and business leaders how to be productive members of Agile teams. Through a combination of customized classroom instruction, hands-on learning and personalized mentoring, we instill best practices without expecting team members to abandon their everyday responsibilities for the purpose of training.

Strategic Frameworks

We design and help implement the key foundational elements that drive businesses to be more successful, but are often overlooked or incomplete. This includes OKR’s, KPI’s, and business roadmaps – all aligned with Value Streams and the Product structure to ensure maximum productivity across all areas.

Strategy Development

SMEs conduct deep dives into key business processes, looking for things that work well and should be amplified or extended to other areas. We also uncover gaps, redundancies and opportunities for improvement. Areas we look at include budget processes, roadmaps, and strategic alignment to objectives.