Client Testimonials

Operating within financial services requires a pristine reputation and proven track record of success. Our vision, industry knowledge, applications expertise, and technical breadth allow us to offer a solid foundation on which to build a trusting and winning relationship with our clients. We value our reputation as a leading, full-service consultancy. We are the best at what we do – but don’t take our word for it… Read what some of our clients have to say!

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. As such, names and identifying characteristics of the projects have been omitted. References are available upon verified request. Contact us for more information. Illegitimate inquiries will be ignored.


“I know I can trust them. They have good people working for them and when they make a commitment they stick with it and see it through.”

“The true test for any firm is a consistent high level of performance which is demonstrated over time and amongst a variety of engagements. That is why I am not hesitant to seek out [ESP’s] services for a variety of projects.”

“The ESP team displayed their dedication and commitment to our organization by delivering high quality work on time and within budget as promised on this major project. They worked very late nights and weekends tirelessly and represented my department just as if they were employees of my department.”


“The quality and depth of staff from the “subject matter experts” and project managers to technical staff is impressive. Their knowledge, communication and people skills allow them to hit the ground running and provide value right from the start. This is critical to an organization such as ours where adhering to tight deadlines and providing quality execution is the expectation.”

“I have not worked with another consulting firm including the ‘Big Six’ that have provided strong, qualified resources as consistently as ESP.”

“Over the years I have been utlizing consultants from your firm and have always been impressed with their abilities and professionalism. . . . In a time where consulting companies are springing up all over, it is nice to know that I can depend on E.S.P. to provide knowledgeable and professional support.”


“My criterion for engaging a consulting firm is very straightforward: I want to hire a firm that will make me successful. ESP has established a track record for making me successful.”

“ESP has been a valuable partner for important projects under my control. The projects for which I engaged ESP were completed on time and under budget.”


“I wish to convey my satisfaction with the professionalism and results your company has displayed in the various projects you have assisted me with over the past few years.”

“The professionalism demonstrated by your staff has been exemplary and the results that they have achieved have been highly satisfactory.”