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The Client

Large Financial Organization

Business Challenge

Our client needed technology support for their expansive strategy. IT systems were not designed to accelerate growth, and the commercial department was in need of a new approach based on data science. Analysts were overwhelmed with the number of data-handling requests and unable to provide timely answers. The customer management system was also unable to carry out real-time communications with clients.

Our Solution

ESP detected uncertainty and constant changes in business requirements for the IT system. This indicated that a more general solution was needed; one with the ability to be extended with new functions in-house by the bank’s developers.

A modular, flexible solution was designed. The bank’s data scientists received an analytics tool that is scalable, elastic, and robust enough to meet expectations for several years to come. Software developers received a well-documented framework and are able to extend the system without outside help.


  • Processing time for sensitive tasks was reduced from 20 minutes to below one minute, enabling real-time communication.
  • The Data Science team is now able to handle all business requests and proceed with their own initiatives.
  • The average time to complete a request dropped from 3 weeks to 6 days.
  • New requirements are implemented by in-house developers, lowering the cost of system ownership.